Chi Kung

Chi means energy. In Yoga, it is called 'Prana', 'Kung' means work. Therefore, Chi Kung means the exercise of your internal energy, The conceptualization of a unifying principle for the different fields of science still escapes modern scientific culture. In spite of the imposing mass of ever increasing knowledge, it still does not adequately offer such a concept, as does oriental thought. However, the two systems of thought share the same intuitive perception: that the human body and its functions constitute a microcosm within a macrocosm (the universe) and that both must be governed by the same laws. Thus, a Chinese proverb claims that one would attain the understanding of the macrocosm by understanding the microcosm.
The term Chi designates this primordial and unifying essence, the universal acting principle which influences and is the origin of all. The universal Chi comprises three aspects:
Heavenly Chi (Tian Chi) is the yang principle that nourishes our planet and is represented by the sum of the influences of the Moon, the Sun and other celestial bodies on all of earth's inhabitants. Earthly Chi (Di Chi), the yin principle, is materialized by the energy emanating from the Earth, resulting in the production of the substrates required for life's maintenance, in response to the action of Tia Chi.
Humanly Chi (Zen Chi) is the vital essence which circulates inside the body, the harmonious product of the energies of Heaven and Earth. If Heaven engenders and Earth nourishes then the Human Being accomplishes.