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International Instructor level Certification Ceremony: Wing chun Kung-fu Martial Arts Academy,India & Samuel Kwok Martial Art Association,India are organized International Instructor level certificates giving ceremony held under guidance of Sifu Chaitanya Naik at Wing Chun school Dhaisar (East) Mumbai.
President of Wing chun Kung fu Martial Arts Academy. With this discussed about spread the awareness of Wing chun art. In this ceremony, all the certified practitioners are practicing under Sifu Sonu kumar Giri.
Sifu Chaitanya Naik has also attended this ceremony and informed us that Samuel Kwok Martial art Association will take special response for Higher Instructor level training and put the name in instructor list on required place. (Massage from Wing Chun Team India)

Current Event :- News published in Golden India {Magazine} about international wing chun instructor certification. in fig. alok dubey, vikas chandane, nagesh sharma, dhawal raja, and rajeev kadam, with sifu sonu kumar.