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Now a days people are very health conscious so they are trying the maintain their health. For this they are doing different types of exercise viz. jogging, running, playing sports on the ground, joining a Gym., walking, etc. Read More Walking is one of them, which can perform by anyone, male, female, young, old, children, and handicapped person having a sufficient physical condition to walk. Even pregnant women  can also follow this exercise. It does not require any special physical condition, special dress code.  People can walk at any time in a day.  But walking in the morning before sunrise and after dinner before bed beneficial for maintaining good health.

(A)       Walking in the morning before sunrise :-

In the morning before sunrise, there is plenty of oxygen in the air and walking in the morning helps to the intake maximum quantity of oxygen resulted to increase energy. It improves the capacity of the heart. Waking in the morning feel fresh and energetic during the whole day. Some acupressure points stimulates when walking barefoot on the grass resulted keep away many diseases.

(B)       Walking after dinner :-

            From many years people were walking after taking dinner.  Walking after dinner increases fire in the stomach which help to digest the food which resulted throw out waste from our body.  When the food digest sufficiently helps to improve to maintain health.

Article from
Vikas Chandane, Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy
About: Mr. Chandane is practicing wing chun since 2002, and complete instructor level course from wing chun kung fu martial art academy, India. Now he is conducting wing chun classes in Dahisar, east, Mumbai.