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Article Title : Types of Centerline

Now we are going to discuss this centerline theory in bit details as discussed earlier in my previous article “Centerline Theory”. Centerline Theory is divided in three different part and is known as Self Centerline, Target Centerline and Combat Centerline.

(A)Self Centerline :- It is the central vertical axis that runs through the center of our body. If we extend the Self Centerline all the way into the ground, it would mark our central point of balance. Now let’s consider the situation if a person were to rotate in place, the Self Centerline would mark his central axis of rotation. This Centerline divide the entire body into two equal part. In the event of fight, we try to protect our central point of balance that is nothing but our own centerline.

(B)Target Centerline :-   It is exactly the same as the Self Centerline, but it is located inside our attacker’s body. It represents the attacker’s center of gravity, his central point of balance, his own axis of rotation. The Target Centerline is our primary objective when trying to minimize or eliminate the attacker’s ability to continue the attack. We may connect with arms and legs, may even break the joints, but that is secondary. Our ultimate goal is to distract his arms and legs and get ahold of his Centerline.
Now consider if we are in fight, we must drive our counter-attack into the Target Centerline which also means that our force is targeting the attacker’s axis of rotation. This is very crucial for maximizing the effect of our strike. The main reason behind this logic is suppose that if we strike to the outside of his axis of rotation, he can disperse the kinetic energy of our strike by rotating his body. But if we strike directly into his centerline – directly into his axis of rotation. In this case he cannot rotate and therefore it blasts into him at full force. All of that kinetic energy will then either be absorbed by the body in the form of potential damage, or the force will move his body in the direction that force was applied. This is the main reason that we keep focus on target centerline either in sparring or in fight.

(C) Combat Centerline :- It is actually not a line but plane that connects our Self Centerline to our attacker's Self Centerline. In this case both the centerline moves relative to others and adjust its own speed accuracy and balance to sustain in fight. Wherever we move during the fight, that Combat Centerline moves with us constantly connecting our centerline to the attackers. It is our "field of battle" in Wing Chun. As an authentic Wing Chun warrior we never go off our field of battle which make us superior and effective during the fight.

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