Lap Sau In Wing Chun System

Lap Sau in Wing Chun System:-

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial arts and well known as a Chinese boxing, basically wing chun’s maximum techniques are based on hand movements, wing chun system have many blocking and technique. i.e. lap sau. An elegant rolling and rising hand (bong sau block) that deflects upwards with accurate angle a center line punch to the face. The horizontal blocking forearms rotted as it rises. Increasing deflection energy. Attempt to poke at a spinning drum with a stick will show how the principle works. Mid-section blocks generally use the forearms because they are fairly long sweep a wide area clear, whereas hands are seldom longer than 220 mm, so blocks which use them must be very accurate. Forearm blocks use a windscreen wiper action, striking the attacker’s forearms with the thumb-side of your wrist. Alternatively they use a clubbing action that swings your forearms into the side of centerline punch.

Advantages of the lap sau :  Circular blocks sweep a very wide area and can be effective against all types of attack. Their principle can be illustrated by straightening both arms and then circling them in opposite direction across the front of your body and face.

Important :  use the forearm in an upwards rolling manner to deflect an attack. This is an effective short range block, Wing Chun Blocking system.

Although this technique is very effective in real life for self-defense and has many advantages, as we use this technique, we are neglected on the reaction, because we have absolute control over the opponent. This technique does not let the opponent escape from us, etc.

Lap sau technique is very important technique among the basic techniques of Wing Chun, which must be practiced well.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India Team.