Advantage’s of Centerline

Centerline Advantage’s In order to defend against a hand attack in the proper Wing Chun manner that is, using Angle Structure to overcome greater force’s the student must combine certain elements of the Centerline Theory and apply them instinctively with proper technique, power and timing in one smooth motion supported by the appropriate footwork to create optimum Centerline Advantage. For example, when an oncoming punch from the opponent viewed by the Wing Chun fighter as a horizontal pyramid is launched, the Wing Chun fighter quickly and instinctively sizes up the situation and identifies the pyramid structure of the punch. He simultaneously processes that information and projects whatever Defense Pyramid he selects as most appropriate for the situation.

Because the Wing Chun man is always conscious of the Centerline, he already knows where to focus the energy of his defense hand: to a point between the tip of the Attack Pyramid and the Centerline. By doing this, he is combining the idea of the two colliding pyramids deflective reaction with awareness of the Centerline Plane, which tells him in which direction he should guide that deflection.

Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri

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