Counters to Attacks with a Knife by Wing Chun’s Method

Counters to Attacks with a Knife is most important part in self defence & Without any doubt whatsoever the best method of defending yourself against a knife attack is not to get into a position where such a defence becomes necessary. but should self-defence become essential against an armed aggressor, there is no doubt that. the trained kung fu exponent should stand a very good chance of corning out safely, and a better chance than any man unversed in the art of kung fu.

You will remember that self-defense is based the basic principles of kung fu so for that reason you will. find that these counters against knife attacks are very similar to throws and locks already described.

The first defence is that used against a straight thrust at your chest or stomach with a knife and is similar to that for a punch. Of course at first the main consideration is not to apply a counter but to avoid the thrust and for tb is reason you turn your hips to the right, assisting this movement by stepping forward with the left foot, advancing the left hip and drawing back the right. This allows the knife to pass harmlessly but to ensure that it does so, you push the attacker’s forearm away to your right with your own right forearm with your hand down and if you ward off the blow with a sharp cutting movement from the honey part of your forearm the pain will probably disarm him. Now that the immediate danger has passed the time has come to apply a counter. Grip the attacker’s wrist or forearm with your right hand by sliding it over his arm and help it to continue in the direction of its thrust at the same time you should make turn to your right pivoting on the ball of your left foot and. bringing your left hand down on your opponent’s right elbow to disable it. Alternatively. if you wish you can continue the pull to his front with your right arm and maintain the downward pressure with your left until he is forced to the ground where you can finish him with a blow or an arm lock or simply disarm him.

At first you may find difficult grasp your opponent’s right arm after you have parried his blow. Actually ‘it is quite simple if you parry with your right arm so turned that you use the sharp edge of your forearm with your palm turned towards you, fingers downward. Now you should find it easy to slip your hand over the top of his arm and obtain a grip. Even should you still find this difficult at first, practice will overcome the problem.

An alternative counter to this form of attack is to use a Hip Throw. Step in with your left foot and parry his arm with your left forearm, to your left. You will find that your step in and the momentum provided by his own effort, will bring him close to you and you will be ~n an ideal position to slip your left arm round his waist, pivot on your right foot, to your right and apply a hip throw on the reverse side. Similarly a hip counter to the normal side, turning to your left, can be used.

Wing Chun Article by,
Sifu Sonu Kumar’s Wing Chun Academy
Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India.
Aim of Article : Only improvement in technique who is the practitioner of martial Art / Kung Fu / Wing Chun.


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