About Us

Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy-India is already affiliated to many valuable Organization / lineage. This is one of the most authentic wing chun kung-fu schools in India (Mumbai). It coordinates its efforts with other national & International organizations, particularly for Championship, Seminar, Fitness Camp, and other activity.  
Mission:- To impart theoretical and practical knowledge to all student and martial artist who has curiosity to learn authentic Wing Chun. 
Vision:- To spread the knowledge of authentic Wing Chun in Mumbai and then we will target to spread it across India. We believe that every Indian should have the knowledge of authentic Wing Chun irrespective whether he is a poor or rich person.

The aim of the school is to provide training to Wing Chun practitioners and to develop healthy exchange of techniques and ideas between instructors and student for genuine knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu. We are also planning to conduct seminar, workshop and knowledge centers in this regard to spread Wing Chun knowledge.  We are planning to open separate Wing Chun class for poor people as soon as possible.