About Wing Chun

Introduction :

Wing chun Kung Fu is simple, logical and scientific Chinese martial art of 1700s founded by Nei Mei one of the disciples of shaolin Temple.
Wing chun Kung fu does not require special physic. It can be learn by male or female of any age.  Wing chun kung Fu’s technique is based on direct, natural body movement which are easy to understand and apply.

History :
Wing Chun is the youngest and usual system in a Martial art sector. Due to its reveled secrets and attacking performance this art is getting day by day popularity in the whole world. Many types of lineages are running wing Chun in their appropriate countries stated on websites and can be found easily.
Long ago time in china there was a cruel King, who was not feeling secure due to Shaolin Kung fu taught in Shaolin Temple.   This was the place where all types of fighting systems based on kung fu were taught. Due to king’s insecurity regard the temple, he decided to destroy its origin, so he ordered to burnt the entire temple and kill its guards / monk, teachers and whoever is there in the temple.
After this order there was few elders who want to save the art and life has leave the temple in which 5 elders whose names are (1) NG MUI   (2) JI SIN(GEE SIN) (3) BAK MEI (PEI MEI)  (4) FUNG DOU DAK (5) MIU HIN.
Above names are name of shaolin elders fighters who success to ran away after destruction of Shaolin Temple and to to make safe the arts they separated in different directions.  The one  lady monk named “Ng Mui” meet to “Yim Wing Chun” who lives in china 17th century lady monk comes to know about yim’s interest in kung-fu and her need of it because of some harassment made by locals and she started training for the same and the first person who learnt Wing Chun Art is “Yim Wing Chun” so this art was named on her name…
After Yim’s training completion there was need to make it wide so yim started training to her husband named Leung Bok-chau. After training Leung Bok-chau make it ahead and many person has participated in this training after a long time there was a person from china Fusan named “YIP MAN” was get more popular in wing chun he make originally wing chun world famous and make a big name in martial art field, yip man was the main reason to make interest in people nowadays for learn wing chun very famous kung fu fighter, actor Bruce-lee was one of his student after that lineages got bigger and bigger and in modern time there is many institutions are running wing chun style with their own changes and some are authentic too.