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In wing chun the system six forms teach us all of the progressing in an easy to learn and systematic way. They contain all of the concepts central to the system (apart from positioning and sensitivity to a partner learned in Chi sau) and many techniques. There are 3 empty hand forms

Siu Lim Tau / Chum Kiu / Bui Jee and one tool form well known as “wing chun dummy” and two weapon sets, the long pole and butterfly knives. The forms contain all that is necessary to develop and maintain good body habits, working through the musculature and joint system, training them in a progressive manner. Any additions or alterations to the forms could alter, or detract from the overall system and for this reason they should be practiced as they are. It is perfectly simple to test new theories by designing new exercises or drills.
Now You Can Learn Authentic Wing Chun In india as well as learn wing chun in mumbai city, you can received wing chun training from Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar's wing chun academy, "Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India" They conducting kung fu martial art training in dahisar, mumbai, also Organization give the chance to play sports wing chun and 1kung fu in National, State, District as well as International Championship / Tournaments and became as a fighter.

Siu lim tao

Wing Chun 1st form called as Siu Lim Tau, this is the basis and important for all other wing chun forms. The wing chun first

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Chum Kiu & biu Jee

The wing chun second form called chum kiu, and last the Last empty hand form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System which is known as Biu Jee

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wooden dummy

The complete 108 motions of the Wing Chun wooden dummy form. The Mok Yan Jong, or wooden dummy, has always been valuable tool for any

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wing chun weapons

In the complete wing chun system only two weapons are include, people known as butterfly knives and the point pole

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Chi sau

Sticking and filling hands are a necessary and unique part of the wing chun kung fu training system. The fundamentals of chi sau are

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Chi kung & Meditation

Chi means energy, Like Prana, Therefore, Chi Kung means the exercise of your internal energy and Meditation is a mental discipline by

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The grading test / examination will be conducted on dated 03.06.2018, at svp school, dahisar (east), Mumbai, Maharashtra, and result will be declare on 10.06.2018 kindly contact to your sifu / instructor or wing chun kung fu martial academy, India.

dr sonu kumar giri

Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri

President, WCKFMAA

Dear Coaches, Inform you that you are invited in Association of Maharashtra Kung Fu’s Judged and Referee Seminar and Refresher course 2019; it’s a preparation and revision of amended rules and regulations of international and national federation.

wing chun vikas chandane

Mr. Vikas Chandane


All people related to Wing Chun have their own ideas and philosophy, I see Wing Chun as a wonderful art and I believe that Wing Chun is not for performance but for philosophy, so adopt Wing Chun, practice it and Get self realization. The universe has immense energy and we can touch that energy through Wing Chun, along with the practice of Wing Chun in everyday life keeps us healthy, freedom from mental stress, as well as a unique style of self defense. Actually Wing Chun is a wonderful art.

sonu kumar giri

Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri

President , WCKFMAA