Chi Sau

Chi Sau (sticky hands)

Sticking and filling hands are a necessary and unique part of the wing chun kung fu training system. The fundamentals of chi sau are based on filling and energy also the system have three stages in sparring, first is bridging the gap, second is striking and third one is the Sticking. Chi sau is the best method of arms training and development of actual fighting system. It is a good method of constantly searching for openings, and striking through. As soon as you come into connect with the opponent's arms, you maintain close range contact, and you can maintain him under control. Sticking Hand has realized us with various concepts and technique of fighting, i.e. forwarding force, hand trapping, breaks opponent's defence, power, speed generating, etc. It not only breaks his defences, but also stops opponent's any attacks. This highlight is the principle of efficiency and economy of movement. Chi Sau are divided in to two types Single sticking hand and Double sticking hand, Single sticking hand is starting from easy and excellent drill practice, it's provides to beginners level. Important is that, how to execute the basic drill of chi sau, (for this drill you required two persona including you and you are persona A and your partner is persona B). In the first think is the correct stance, position and body structure. You learn stick to an opponent's arm in order to feel their energy. After Stance, Tan Sau for person A and Fuk sau fro person B (both partner started with left hand and equal force). After this position person A will attack to given pattern person B (Tan sau into straight palm). And Person B converts his hand Fuk sau to Jut / Jum sau protecting with the center line and after the block attack is returned to Person A (center punch) with same hand. and person A feel the opponent movement and defend (Bong sau), again go on your actual placement of the hand Person A-Tan Sau And Person B-Fuk Sau. ( Note : The cycle of drill is then repeated)
It is highly helpful to practice and realize the wing chun fighting concepts at this early stage. Skills Developed by single sticking: Correct use of energy, and elbow leverage or triangulation, centre line control, best angle and using muscles, efficiently, strength achieved with a minimum of effort, etc.