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Welcome to Wing Chun Kung fu martial art academy’s official web site the association is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra – India. The Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy is a non-profit organization in the mumbai - India, WCKFMAA is the society of charitable nature falling under the section 20 of the societies registration Act 1860. Also regd. Legal trust act 1950 under the section 21, we are registered with charity commissioner of Mumbai, and required authority. 
Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy-India is already affiliated to many valuable Organization / lineage. Because this is one of the most authentic wing chun kung-fu schools in India (Mumbai). The aim of the school is to offer blanket shelter to Wing Chun practitioners and to develop interaction between instructors and student for genuine knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu, also develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness. It coordinates its efforts with other national & International organizations, particularly for Championship, Seminar, Fitness Camp, and other activity.


WING CHUN is a logical, scientific, yet simple system of martial art which provides both self defence and fitness for people of all ages. Founded in china 300 year ago by female martial artist Madam Ng Mei. Wing Chun is unique because it emphasises economy of movement, which eliminates the need for brute strength. Wing Chun is for anybody, regardless of age, sex, body type or muscle development. All of Wing Chun's techniques are based on direct, natural body movement that are so easy to learn and can be applied immediately.
Wing Chun is an extremely effective method of protection against physical attack and it offer so much more.


Fundamental wing chun techniques and exercises needed to build a strong foundation. The basic Wing Chun punches, blocks, kicks, and stances. The way to strike the wing chun iron palm bag to condition your hands and elbows for fighting.

The power of Wing Chun's famous 1-inch punch and discloses the more spiritual aspect of wing chun by demonstrating chi meditation.



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