Wing Chun Kung Fu Seminar

Wing Chun workshop in Borivali East, Mumbai July-2017.
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Wing chun kung fu martial art academy, india is conducted wing chun workshop in Borivali east, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Sifu sonu kumar giri. Sifu shear his authentic wing chun technique with his student and told that Wing Chun Kung Fu is not just a style of self-defense but it is an art based on internal energy.
  This style can be learned very easily, and can be used with the same simplicity as well. This is an impressive martial art. Wing chun is the most practical style in the world.

Wing Chun Seminar For Kids 2015
wing chun seminar india wing chun seminar for kids india
The Wing Chun seminar had held in Dahisar East, Mumbai, India. Sifu sonu kumar performed Wing Chun technique in this seminar. All the kids were very much interested in his performance and also learned many things from him.

Wing Chun Seminar 2014

India head Sifu Chaitanya R Naik along with his students welcome the world's renowned Grandmaster Sifu Samuel Kwok who has over 70 branches across the globe and is the only person in the world to represent the legendary Wing chun Grandmaster IP Man's son's IP Chun and IP Chin to teach the traditional IP Wing chun martial art style in India. Wing chun is a close range martial art which is one of the best in street fighting, emphasising on deflecting the opponents energy and attacking with out use much of force creating a huge impact on the opponent. Master Samuel Kwok will has been the same method as it was been passed by Grandmaster IP man (Bruce lee's teacher)
Event Name: Wing Chun Seminar.
People Who Present in seminar: Grand Master Samuel Kwok, Sifu Chaitayna R Naik, Sifu Sonu Kumar, and Others.

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wing chun seminar india Wing Chun Seminar held at mumbai, the news publish in hamara mahanagar newspaper, Mumbai.