About Wing Chun

Our School Name:
Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy
(Government Registered)
Founder: Sifu Sonu Kumar
Country: India Maharashtra, Mumbai.

Lineage : By the definition of Historians Wing Chun Martial art is one of the traditional art of China, which is declared very secret full by them, due to that this art is transferred in between them only within there family and relatives who are very close to them.
"Lineage" is very important thing in Wing Chun Kung Fu this is dedicated to the Family tree of the person who is belonging to Wing Chun  Martial Art, Lineage Declaration is the Best and only Full Proof authority of Person regarding his Training and ability of Wing Chun Training. For Eg. Below, Ng. Mui, Yim->Wing Chun->Leung Bok Cho-> Etc.
This diagram shows the history of the Wing Chun lineage.

Our Wing Chun Instructor's List

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