Siu Lim Tao Form

The Siu Lim Tao form is the basis and important for all other wing chun forms. The wing chun first form is to simple and helpful for the develop your base. How to use hand or arms in sparring attacking, proper placement of hands and various types of technique etc. This is designed to develop force in striking, particularly what is called elbow force. this kind of driving force is very difficult to block and can often strike straight through the opponent’s blocking or guard. This force is cultivated by mentally and physically directing force from the body, to the elbow, through the wrist on the center line, aiming straight ahead the target. this is related to a fascinating concept in wing chun called determination force. The Siu Lim to form is divided into three parts with a various emphasis on each and every single, but the whole main motto is to get a better position of stance and triangulation (eg Tripod), with arms (Hands) that can react alone & self from the trunk of the human appearance as his body. To this end various movements of the area performed on a single hand at a time and start with left arms, while the right hand is kept isolated in ready position for the next movement. The opening shows us how to find the correct stance (correct Body Structure), defines the gate, defines the center line and demonstrates the center punch. The first chapter of section the unbendable arm and it trains us to create the muscles and joints of the arm and wrist in the proper direction, without involving excessive movement of the shoulders. The second section teaches the correct use of force in any direction. The arms should be relaxed until the final inches of each move where energy is released, producing the percussive impact characteristic of Wing Chun Martial Art. After each release the arms should immediately return to their relaxed state and continue with the next move. Often both arms will react in the exact same movements as opposing both sides of human structure. It has simple, balancing effect making, less body movement and likely for the beginners. This section of the form should be performed fast (briskly) and practiced with an emphasis on Perfect way and use of energy. The Siu Lim Tao form closes with 3 chain punches and rolling wrist.

wing chun in india wing chun in india sifu sonu kumar
Wing Chun's 1st form known as Siu lim tao By Sifu Sonu Kumar
Practicing Wing Chun's 1st form (Siu Lim Tau)
Wing Chun's 1st form Siu lim tao (Fuk sao) By Sifu Sonu Kumar (Place Mumbai, India)